Stacking Rings Edition 1: Single Finger Stacks

There’s no rules when it comes to jumping onboard the recent trend of ring-stacking. Wear whatever speaks to your unique spirit, as layering multiple rings on the finger is more than just a trend – it’s an emblem of individuality. Piling on a variety of rings is the perfect way to express yourself, while remembering life’s most meaningful milestones.

If you’re new to the ring stacking game, or perhaps just looking for some style inspiration, this edition is sure to broaden your perspective on mixing bands to adorn your fingers and represent your unique stamp on the world!

If you’re going for a minimal and dainty look that still gives a modern-luxe appeal, try stacking multiple dainty rings of differing textures on the same finger. Here we’ve paired a few of our thinnest and prettiest rings for a finger stack that feels modern, minimal, and totally unique to you! Our custom Ann Skinny Name Ring is paired with our ready to wear Lea Twisted Ring, Baguette Eternity Ring, Dove Eternity Ring, and Duo Baguette Ring. Wear this simple and minimal stack everyday, as an emblem of your individuality.

If a certain Caitlyn Minimalist piece calls your name, stacking multiple of the same rings together is a great way to make a stronger statement through delicate jewelry. Try layering a few of our Ann Skinny Name Rings on your pointer finger, to kill two birds with one stone, and represent those you love and cherish while creating a strikingly cohesive stack. If Name Rings aren’t your thing, customize them with your favorite quote, for a steady reminder to keep you uplifted throughout the day.

Another option for ring stacking involves building around a meaningful band. Start with a personalized ring that is an emblem of your unique identity, such as our Initial Signet Ring. Then, decorate the accessory with other, daintier additions that add texture and dimension to the finger. We love pairing vintage-inspired rings such as our Initial Signet Ring, with modern, art deco options. Here, we’ve chosen to border the signature adornment with two of our dainty and bejeweled Dove Eternity Rings, for a look that speaks to both the old soul and contemporary spirit. Finding a band that fits your personality, and then building a stack of other dainty rings around it, is a great way to be on trend while creating a stack that is unique to you, and never straying from your individuality.

This journal edition on ring stacking centered around pairing small, dainty adornments together, for a finger stack that feels layered, yet simple and feminine. You can play around with stacking multiple delicate rings on the same finger, or spreading them across many. Either way – a cluster of dainty rings is bound to make your fingers look dynamic, textured, and minimal through this simple expression of self. Our next ring stack journal edition will cover new ways to pile on your rings, for fingers that feel fresh and reinvented!

With love, 
The Team at Caitlyn Minimalist