An Inside Look: Our Teams Behind CM

Every item of jewelry that we design has a story.

Hearing the heartfelt descriptions of each piece of handwriting gives our team motivation to put our love and care into every item we craft. We understand each piece is so significant to our customers, we want them to last! Our team is dedicated to making you happy and to making sure your jewelry is perfect.

Our Designers

Our design team helps in the creation of our jewelry designs by analyzing current trends, sketching ideas and drawing 3D versions of our pieces — all which help bring our vision to life. They also prepare each personalized piece of jewelry for the fabrication team by drawing out the design in 3D to be outlined and cut into silver.

Fabrication & Assembly

Our fabrication team physically creates the jewelry that has been prepared by the design team. They do this both by hand — physically cutting and molding the silver —or through the laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine.

Our assembly team takes the completed fabricated charms and polishes, cleans and pairs them with the appropriate chain sizes, rings sizes and styles.


The packaging process includes a high level of quality control to ensure that customers are receiving jewelry that meets our standards and matches exactly what they purchased. We make sure that the jewelry is packed safely and beautifully, ready to gift if needed.

Our Care Team

Customer service is always our main focus and we want to make sure our customers are always happy with both their jewelry and their service. Many people come to us with their heartfelt story about what inspired the creation of their jewelry. We cherish that relationship and value how helping to create something so meaningful helps to build a strong community.


Want to learn more about how our personalized jewelry works or have a question about your order? Send us a note — We love to hear from you.

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With Love and Care,

Kate and The Team at Caitlyn Minimalist