Turning Handwriting into Mementos of Love

Often, when a loved one has passed, we can encounter difficulty in the process of memorializing them and cherishing shared memories.

While flowers are beautiful and an often chosen sentiment, they don’t last forever. Sentimental memorial keepsakes can offer a feeling of comfort, warmth, and remembrance. Jewelry has come to serve as meaningful emblems of life and human connection. From the days of our forefathers, we’ve kept cherished amulets close to our hearts – whether it’s a Victorian brooch that was a family heirloom, or your grandmother’s passed down engagement ring. And let’s not forget written words, which are tangible remnants of one’s unique presence and special role in your life. After all, who doesn’t remember the penmanship of the love letter from their first crush? When it comes to honoring the memory of someone through cherished keepsakes, it makes sense to combine that special piece of handwriting with jewelry to truly hold reminders of your loved ones close.

We are always so touched when recipients go out of their way to tell the story that inspired their personalized piece. Recently, a heartwarming review caught our attention. Kelly G, who ordered a custom handwriting necklace with the words “love you, nana”, wrote:

“I am beyond excited this came in today! I put it on right away! I got this for my mom’s birthday, but also got one for me. My grandma passed away about 2 years ago & this is her handwriting from a note she gave me. I am so happy to be able to have part of her with me and I know when I give this to my mom she will love it too!!💗”

We’ve received so many wonderful reviews over the years on our personalized pieces, but we thought it was time to really put a spotlight on some of the more touching stories behind the jewelry. We reached out to Kelly to learn more about her heartwarming relationship with her nana. So, we began a conversation, and she wrote back:

 “My Nana and I have always been really close, since the day I was born. She made this photo album of pictures of me throughout the years and when I graduated college, she gave it to me with a handwritten note. The handwriting in the picture is the end of that note. She was the one I always called on my way home from work and the first one I’d call when anything happened. This piece of jewelry is a reminder of her, how amazing she was, and a piece of her that I can always carry with me.💗”

Getting the opportunity to not only personalize jewelry for our community, but also hear the touching story behind each piece, is what keeps us going. Kelly’s moving story provides a great example for how meaningful and personalized jewelry can help one mourn the loss of a loved family member, in a healing and uplifting way. Jewelry allows a person to carry an important emblem of a relationship, wherever he or she goes, therein making these symbolic, meaningful amulets a part of one’s everyday.

We love turning your loved one’s handwriting into meaningful jewelry. Stories such as Kelly’s provide us with a constant passion that goes beyond fulfilling an order, or engaging in a transaction. Witnessing the transformation of such important handwriting, from being a few scrambled words on a piece of paper, to glistening brightly as a delicate adornment, feels like pure magic – both for us, and our community.

Until next time!

With love, 

The Caitlyn Minimalist Team