Mixing Metals in your Jewelry Rotation

Summer is perfect for mixing metals.

It was once thought to be a jewelry faux pas, but is now reimagined in the modern jewelry lover’s aesthetic. The union of silver and gold not only elevates a look through unexpected elegance, but reminds us that sometimes, the unlikeliest pairing makes for the most brilliant ensemble. This journal edition is dedicated to the harmony of silver and gold jewelry on a single hand, neck, or lobe. Although there are no rules when it comes to jewelry, we do have a few suggestions on mixing metals to convey elegance, sophistication, and elevated charm.

Do: Stick to Two Types of Metals.

We love pairing cool toned silver with warm toned gold for an interesting and balanced dichotomy. Another great pairing is the less common rose gold metal with silver; this look feels feminine, understated, and elegant while still somewhat unexpected.

 Don't: Add in Too Many Different Metals and Finishes.

Generally speaking, the focus should be on two contrasting metals, not three or more. When you’re bringing in an element of spontaneity with different hues of metals, try to keep focus as minimal as possible.

Featured: Bold Dome Ring

Do: Match Textures and Shapes – Mix Different Metals of the Same Shape or Type.

Although we encourage mixing and matching, it’s important to keep in mind the tone, texture, and shape of the jewelry you’re attempting to combine. Often, jewelry that holds the same shape and thickness pairs well together. For instance, chunky goes with chunky, and delicate goes with delicate.

Don't: Pair a Dainty Silver Ring with a Chunky Gold One.

When mixing metals on a single part of the body, try and maintain the harmony between both tones by keeping them balanced in texture and weight/thickness. If you’re going for a delicate stack, pair multiple silver and gold layering chains or stacking rings. If bold and chunky is your desired aesthetic, consider pairing more statement pendant pieces or thicker rings of differing metals. This allows the mismatched metals to still feel cohesive, and thematic. 

Last Option: Interlocking Circles Necklace

If you’re anything like us, you’ve had your lazy mornings when rolling out of bed and throwing on a well-planned jewelry combination of various necklaces, earrings and rings doesn’t feel doable. So for days like that, we’ve got the perfect solution for mixing metals in the least effort way possible.

Our Interlocking Circles Necklace marries gold and silver in a brilliant combination. The stunning and delicate necklace is gorgeous when worn alone, yet attracts attention to the gorgeous contrast between the two metals, brought together by a simple design of interlocking circular pendants. Grab it on your way out the door to bring a touch of grace and modernity to any day or night look.

We hope you enjoyed this journal edition on mixing metals within your jewelry rotation. Hopefully it gave you some inspiration to play around with your accessories in a new and innovative way. While we love the classic and timeless trends, we are also the first ones to say: there are no rules when it comes to jewelry. Whoever said that gold can’t be worn with silver, ought to take a look at this post, and maybe it’ll change their minds.

Now it’s time to go and mix some metals!

With love,

The Team at Caitlyn Minimalist