Layering Necklaces Edition 1: Double Chains

Layering necklaces is a style that has evolved over time, from the days of rock stars who piled them on in bold heaps, to today’s contemporary take: a clean and minimal layering of dainty charms.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your jewelry, while also sporting your most cherished Caitlyn Minimalist pieces, layering our variety of unique ready-to-wear and personalized chains may just be the thing for you.

Regardless of your aesthetic – whether it be rocker chic or clean and polished - stacking necklaces allows you to play with jewelry in a way that feels on trend, yet personal to you. Layer on a touch of romance with soft and romantic chains, amplify your style by layering our bolder pieces, or mix and match both styles for an interesting multi-layered approach. Whether you’re new to the jewelry layering game, or a seasoned veteran, read our tips on necklace layering below for some fresh inspiration!

No. 1
If one is good, two must be better!

Make the subtlest of statements with a two-piece necklace stack. These are the simplest to build, as it requires only matching two necklaces of varying lengths. Yet, the look is instantly elevated from basic accessory to modern-luxe. With this layering combination, we paired the two equally dainty and delicate Singapore Twist Necklace and Venice Name Necklace, for a look that that feels ultra-feminine and understated.

No. 2
It is perfectly in style to contrast materials. 

Consider combining silver and gold chains to bring an interesting and multidimensional touch to a look that’s still clean and minimal. This simple stack, featuring our Two-Toned Interlocking Circles Necklace paired with our simple Box Chain feels polished and refined through its mixed metal, multi-layered approach.

No. 3
If you’re a minimalist and you like fine jewelry, this could be your subdued take on statement accessories. 

Pairing two semi-chunky chains together is an effortless, yet classy way of attracting attention to your neckline, while also refraining from overpowering the eye with too many adornments. Here we’ve stacked our smooth and glossy Herringbone Chain with our Dainty Tag Name Necklace for a look that feels sleek and polished yet totally individualistic and unique to you!

No. 3
There is a big misconception that meaningful pieces of jewelry can’t be made current and interesting.

A symbolic locket you wear everyday, such as our Initial Padlock Paperclip Necklace can feel modern, youthful, and even a tad edgy when paired with a chunkier accent piece, like our Rope Chain

This two chain combination has a little extra flair by pairing modern with vintage, and adds personalization to your everyday layered look in a bold yet sophisticated way. Just remember, when stacking thicker chains, depth and space are essential to an elevated, bold aesthetic that still doesn’t feel too cluttered.

If layering necklaces feels like the perfect way to adorn yourself in beautiful amulets while representing your unique style and character, stay tuned for our further journal editions - where we’ll divulge more styles and inspirations! 

With love, 
The Team at Caitlyn Minimalist