The Curated Ear: Building the Perfect Earring Stack

Earring stacks have been all the rage in the modern minimalist’s jewelry rotation.

In the past, wearing a single large and bold earring on the lobe was the trend. Today, it is playing with multi-earring combinations, using dainty, delicate, and often symbolic or personalized adornments. Whether it's pairing studs with studs, wearing all danglies, or throwing an ear cuff into the mix, a well curated ear is undeniable cool, chic, and effortlessly on-trend. In this journal edition, we’ve collected a few of our favorite earring stack combinations as a style guide, to inspire your future jewelry box needs!

No. 1
Pair Studs with Huggies for a Classic Yet Interesting Stack

Pairing a couple classic, yet eye-catching studs with a chunky huggie hoop elevates your jewelry attire from predictable to an elegant statement stack. The bold, yet versatile look can be achieved through a mix of personalized and ready to wear adornments. Try pairing our Classic Heart Studs with the Love Knot Earrings, and throw on the eclectic Audrey Huggies to complete the look.

No. 2
An All Stud Ear Combo 

Studs are the classic essential, and truly the most versatile earring option. For those who often wear large statement earrings, it may take a minute to get used to the dainty and delicate nature of an all-stud ear combo. The barely there, minimal feel of only wearing studs is effortlessly chic, and understated.

Try wearing unique studs that play with different textures and shapes to bring some more dimension to your lobes. Wearing our glimmering Arya Petal Studs, with the Alex Studs, and dainty Mini Lily Studs will add a beautiful sheen to your lobes, to catch both the light and all eyes.  The mix of different, yet cohesive pave studs is a bolder take on the traditionally soft and nuanced earring stud aesthetic.

No. 3
Go Bold and Feminine with all Danglies

Behold, our boldest ear combo yet: wearing all danglies on the lobe. Dangly earrings have the lovely effect of elongating your neck, and framing your face in a stunning, elegant, and ultra-feminine way. In the retro days of the 70s and 80s, bigger and bolder was better. Giant, often colorful hoops were all the rage.

As modern style took form, statement became replaced with minimal. Nowadays you find many opting for a simple silver or gold pair of studs as a staple everyday, rather than playing with different danglies. Huggies are a great way to incorporate dangly earrings into your look, while keeping things dainty and simple as ever.

We’ve decided to ignite some inspiration by giving you a few ideas to pair danglies with your danglies! For a unique and striking appeal, consider stacking the Hannah Diamond Drop Earrings with our constellation-themed Moon and Star Huggies.

Featured: Amelia Duo Huggies

When it comes to stacking earrings, anything goes. The curated ear can include a mix and match of studs, danglies, and ear cuffs to bring elegance, edge, and everything in between to your lobes. When ear stacking, mix and match to your heart’s desire, while creating an overall cohesive look.  Whether you chose to pair studs with cuffs, studs with studs, or danglies with danglies, we hope you find joy, inspiration, and beauty in your ear stacking game.

We hope you have a great week ahead! 

With love,

The Team at Caitlyn Minimalist