Your Jewelry Gift Guide for Wedding Season

Weddings are a precious moment in time, that are captured in photographs  and remembered for a lifetime to come. Your choice of accessories for your special day has a huge impact on your wedding day look, so take some time in choosing your wedding day jewelry, making sure not to rush those important finishing touches. No matter your style or wedding theme, we’ve got jewelry pieces that are perfect for you. 

No. 1
Personalized Jewelry for Him and Her

You and your significant other most likely already purchased rings to symbolize your enduring commitment to one another. But exchanging thoughtful customized jewelry to pair with your wedding bands, that tell your unique love story will make your special day, even more so. The Coordinates Ring is a great way to share an inside joke, perhaps through the coordinate location of where you first met! (Adding birthstones, initials, or even wedding dates makes this gift even more meaningful.)

Our popular Handwriting Bracelet is a great placeholder for meaningful words of love exchanged between two lovers. Customize it with an especially captivating passage from your first exchange of love letters, or maybe his first text asking you out? For a simpler yet equally thoughtful conveyer of love, consider our Venice Initial Birthstone Ring, which is the perfect embodiment of delicate symbolism.

No. 2
Gifts From the Bride to Family and Friends

For all you future brides out there, wedding shopping for your guests and family can be quite the challenge. Make your bridesmaids feel appreciated and thought of by gifting something both personal and versatile, such as the Minimal Name Necklace or Pave Initial Ring.

Perhaps, you and your girl squad share secret jokes? Many of our previous bridal customers have gifted beautiful, yet hilarious signifiers of close bonds and special friendships for this momentous occasion. The Handwriting Band is a great gift to engrave with a quirky inside joke.

No. 3
Gifts For the Bride on Her Special Day

We’ve all been in the spot of a fast approaching wedding and not knowing what to gift the bride. We designed the Mrs. Necklace specifically for these situations. Truly, there is no going wrong with this gorgeous, delicate, and very fitting accessory gift choice. Whether you’re a close friend, family member, or someone’s plus one, the Mrs. Necklace is the perfect gift for a newly minted Mrs!

Whether you’re a close friend, family member, or someone’s plus one, the Mrs. Necklace is the perfect gift for a newly minted Mrs!

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Wedding season is fast approaching – which means so is wedding gift season. Whether you’re a soon-to-be bride or hubby looking for the perfect accessory to customize with love for your partner, a bride shopping for her guests, or a guest shopping for the bride, there’s something for every situation. 

In this joyous time of new beginnings and the entry into a chapter of love and commitment, the perfect jewelry item can be a wedding gift, accessory, and cherished keepsake. We hope ours is all three!

With love and care, 

The Team at Caitlyn Minimalist