Back to School in Style with Caitlyn Minimalist

Back to school season is a wonderful time for new beginnings. The smell of fresh paper, unsharpened pencils, and new clothes beckons us into another year of learning and growing. Back to school jewelry trends are another fun, new, and exciting way to adorn one’s self for the year to come. Whether it’s high school teachers, teenage students, or middle school tweens — all parties are going to want to look smashing for the new school year, online or not. Anyone who is looking for thoughtful back to school accessories is bound to make a grand first day entrance in this journal’s edition gift guide for teens, tweens, and teachers.

Gems for Tweens:

For young tweens, going back to school, finding their niche, and making new friends can be a daunting experience. A cute and trendy name necklace makes first day introductions a whole aesthetic, rather than an awkward exchange of words. Our Tiny Name Necklace is the perfect choice, while adding in our bestselling and versatile Editor Huggies to complete the look. A simple pair of earrings with a tiny, timeless name necklace can do no wrong. The tween in your life will carry these pieces with her for years to come.

Entering early tweens is all about identifying and cultivating one’s creative self-expression and unique style. It’s a time in which one sheds their little kid clothes and discovers the aesthetic and style which most appeals to them. Some turn towards bold looks with bright colors, while others cultivate a wardrobe of basics and neutrals. Either way, every tween feels compelled to express his or her own unique identity through style. Our Handwriting Necklace can be personalized your tween's unique penmanship, so it feels like a direct representation of her creative vision. If your adolescent is required to wear a school uniform, our Birthflower Tag Necklace is a lovely personalized piece to brighten even the dullest of outfits. 

Teen Favorites:

Teenagers are all about glitz and glamour. Teen years are characterized by a deep yearning to embark on new adventures and discover all that life has to offer. The shine of the Summer Name Necklace in Box Chain, and the glimmering pave accents on our Moon and Star Huggies will accessorize perfectly any fun social outing. The teen recipient of this gift will feel like a star every time he or she walks into a crowded room.

 While glitzy, glimmering accessories appeal to many teens, there are those who appreciate a more minimal and understated style. It’s a good thing we’ve got something for everyone! Our simpler pieces incorporate lots of white space, to give that sleek and modern appeal. The versatility of both our Custom Letter Necklace and Paperclip Name Necklace allow you to accessorize your day-to-night pieces with understated elegance.

Embellishments for Teachers:

As the time to begin another learning journey approaches, many will want to express themselves in ways that resonate with the image of authority they aim to project onto their students, while also giving off a vibe that is warm and approachable. Gift teachers jewelry that will make a great first impression on students, while illustrating their individuality and bond with loved ones. The Inner Circle Necklace matches the sentiment of keeping loved ones close at heart while teaching all day. Our popular Margot Pearl Hoops can do no wrong by spicing up a work outfit, and maintaining an aura of professionalism.

Teachers can still be fashionistas, and for those looking for a dainty and elegant way to spice up a work outfit, our classic and versatile pieces fit the bill! The Emery Baguette Necklace will instantly uplift any work outfit, whether it's neutral and simple or bold and stylish. It’s versatile and ultra-feminine, making it the perfect accents for just about anything in a teacher’s wardrobe.

Back to school season is an exciting time for teens and tweens to discover their creative expression and individuality through jewelry, and for teachers to express themselves in a way that feels professional and meaningful. We hope our Back to School Gift Guide inspired jewelry gifting ideas for every type of back to schooler you have in your life, or perhaps provide some inspiration if you’re looking for back to school jewelry for yourself! Tag us in your first day of school pictures, we’d love to come along for the journey!


With Love,

 The Team at Caitlyn Minimalist