How to Speak Elegance Through Your Jewelry

Every woman’s wardrobe needs a collection of dainty, minimalist jewelry – whether it be a small one, or her entire jewelry box. Often a simple accessory becomes one’s staple piece and trademark amulet, as its wearability is so versatile. This journal edition speaks to the minimalist jewelry lover, and covers different ways to showcase elegance through your jewelry choices.

Layering necklaces is a timeless trend, but instead of piling on chunky, large pieces, try going for a more subtly elegant, and contemporary approach through layering just a few simple and elegant chains. Pendant necklaces with small, unique details will look classy and interesting at the same time. Here we’ve paired our Pave Initial Pendant Necklace with the more simple Pave Bar Necklace, for a cohesive, minimalist vibe. The subtle pave detailing adds some texture to the stack, while the Initial pendant brings it a charming, personalized touch.

Elegant doesn’t have to stray far from trendy. Enhance your look and make it chic with contemporary design elements such as a box chain and dog tag pendant. The androgynous and masculine inspired feel of these pieces lend an element of modernity to your whole look – as today’s trends lean more towards the gender neutral aesthetic.

While you are upgrading the trend with this look, elegance and simplicity is not compromised. The juxtaposition of our Box Chain Necklace with the single pendant, Dainty Tag Name Necklace keeps this layer clean, polished, and minimal.

Sometimes, simpler really is better. For those looking for ultra feminine and dainty as can be – we’ve got you covered. We’ve combined perhaps our two daintiest pieces – the Satellite Chain and Emery Necklace, to create a stack that truly feels ‘barely there’. The small, unique detailing of the baguette on the Emery necklace looks classy and interesting at the same time, while the stationed metal spheres on the Satellite chain bring added texture. Together, these two amulets go hand in hand, to convey simple elegance, with a touch of quirky charm.

The effortless grace and sophistication of a Birthstone Necklace can never be superseded. We decided to amp up the elegance by pairing it with our Singapore Chain – a class favorite, for a modern and multi-layered approach. Birthstones offer a subdued and beautiful way to add a little personalization to your jewelry, while the Singapore Chain’s disc shaped links, twisted like in a rope like way bring the unexpected layer of edginess you didn’t know you needed. Together, the necklace layer is delicate, dainty, and just a tad bit spunky.

Sometimes bolder really is better. But when it comes to jewelry, there is something especially attractive and alluring about delicate, dainty jewelry. An air of elegance, grace, and effortless femininity is given off through the refined appearance of a few understated amulets. Our collection of dainty charms and adornments has captured the hearts of so many, who leave touching reviews on how their Caitlyn Minimalist piece has soon become their staple wardrobe essential. So we decided to collect some of our favorite, effortlessly elegant necklace layers and showcase them to you – for a little inspiration, or otherwise.

 We hope you have a great week ahead!

With Love, 

The Team at Caitlyn Minimalist