An Inside Look: Our Creative Process

We take great pride and joy in constructing a cohesive, elegant, and striking visual imagery through our product photography. For this journal edition, we’ve decided to take you behind the scenes of shooting our jewelry. We hope it not only gives you an inside look into our thought process and brand vision, but also allows you to get to know us better.

The foundation always begins with drawing inspiration. To start our creative process off, we scour Pinterest, magazine catalogs, and even art history books to create a moodboard that can convey our vision through tangible images. Specifically, we look for color palettes, sharp minimal style, and the incorporation of natural, organic ingredients. These elements are all part of our brand aesthetic so including them in our photography is important. Each month we make a different board and include what is inspiring that month, then pull from this when it’s time to shoot!

Once we’ve decided what we want our final images to look like, we go about bringing our vision to fruition. This entails gathering all styling pieces with which to decorate our jewelry. A few brand staples include fresh flowers, which we’re always running to our local florist shop to grab in bunches, warm toned fabric backdrops, ceramic trinkets, and glass bowls or dishes. Before we shoot, we lay out all the accessories we want to incorporate, add in our styling pieces,and make sure the lighting is natural, organic, and bright.Alas, our product styling stage is complete.

Sometimes, we feel like adding unique backdrops and props to spice up the game. We also try to throw in something a little unexpected, while still remaining consistent to our brand pillars. Days like this call for an addition of fresh fruit, a cluster of books, or perhaps a glass of wine (especially if it’s a weekend themed shoot). We throw in these fun accents behind our jewelry, while keeping the focus on the pieces themselves. Adding unique props that carry symbolic signifiers with them is a great way to draw our audience in, and show them the lifestyle we hope our jewelry inspires.

Featured: Audrey Ring

Our photographer then snaps away and works their magic. Photographing from angles that best showcase the jewelry, while still letting creativity shine! The jewelry glistens under the afternoon sun, and the quality is immaculate. Our jewelry photography incorporates the use of shade and shadows for mood and ambience. After we're done photographing the jewelry, we then upload the images onto Lightroom, where we toy with exposure, saturation, contrast, and more. After the final edits are done the whole team looks over the images and picks and chooses them for marketing materials.

We hope that you enjoyed learning a bit more about the creative process behind Caitlyn Minimalist and found some inspiration to take pictures with your CM pieces! If you end up posting it on the gram, tag us with #CMStory! 

Our team loves connecting with each and every one of you, and hope this journal edition inspires you to get creative with showcasing your style and accessories!  

Have a great week ahead! 

With love, 

The Team at Caitlyn Minimalist